Hi, welcome to our online valuation tool. Great choice by the way! We offer three different types of valuation to suit you.

Free Instant Estimate

Potential Accuracy:
  • Want instant results at the click of a button? Then this ones for you. It works by using data from previous property sales to calculate an instant estimate. Although these can be a quick and useful guide, we wouldn’t recommend solely relying on these.

Free Remote Valuation

Potential Accuracy:
  • Upload a set of pictures of your property inside and outside and our expert team will use local knowledge and data to give a more accurate valuation. This takes around 24-48 hours. There’s really no need for us to visit you, unless you would like that… Because our experts are pretty great.

Free Valuation Visit

Potential Accuracy:
  • This is the best way to get an accurate assessment of your property's value. One of our very experienced valuers will visit you, inspect your property and make recommendations. The whole process takes less than an hour and is completely free and without obligation.